Term Limits

Term limits is a bad idea whose time never was.

The Principles

The voters in each election should be able to make a free choice about what is best for them at the time. Their choices should not be limited by the choices of voters in previous elections. Government should not be so powerful that elected officials wish to stay in office for extended periods.

The Problem

Limitation of terms seemed to be a solution to the problem of politicians staying in office for long periods of time. We must ask ourselves why this happened. Politicians are elected because they are popular with their constituents. The problem really stems from the seniority system and the power of government.

Legislators with seniority get plum committee assignments and are able to "bring home the bacon" to their districts. Term limits get them out of office but this is the wrong solution. It should be the choice of the voters in each election whom they elect. Term limits impose the choices of previous voters on the future. The result is a continuing stream of inexperienced legislators who are dominated by career bureaucrats and lobbyists.

My Policy

I support repeal of term limits and will fight for this by trying to educate the voters about this problem. I will also fight for an elimination of the seniority system but, most especially, for a drastic reduction in the power of government. To this end, I will fight for a free and fair electoral system and protect the initiative process.

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