No State Funding for Parties

The Principles

Taxes should not be used to fund the activities of private organizations, including political parties.

The Problem

Primary elections to pick candidates for parties are a recent phenomenon on the political scene. As they have been set up they have further entrenched the "two" party system by supposedly legitimizing them under the color of "democracy" and by excluding other parties and independents from the process. This has been done at the expense of the taxpayers who are required to pay for the nomination process of the major parties.

Following the law of unintended consequences, the primaries are now being altered to allow independents and members of other parties to vote in a party primary. Now we see a party presidential candidate winning primary elections due to votes from independents and members of a competing party. This subverts the very purpose of a political party which is to serve as an association of like-minded people to advance a set of political principles. Of course, in the case of the Republicrats and the Democans, there are no principles to advance but that is another question.

My Policy

As Secretary of State, I will encourage the people and the legislature to put an end to publicly funded political primaries. Let the parties control their own nominating process and fund them.

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