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Campaign Finance Reform - Personal responsibility not government control.

Protect the Oregon Initiative Process.

Term Limits - A bad idea whose time never was.

End Tax Funded Primaries

New election districts

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Contributions to date: $1800.00
Expenditures to date: $1534.48
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The Committee - Folks who endorse Ed and how to do the same.

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Election Results

Bradbury, Bill (DEM) 725,265
Snodgrass, Lynn (REP) 652,803
Marbet, Lloyd (PAC) 64,555
Pole, II E. J. (Ed) (LIB) 24,286
Miscellaneous 926
For full election results, see the Oregon Secretary of State web site.

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Tom Cox for Attorney General

Mitch Shults for Treasurer

Beth King - District 1, US House of Representative

Pavel Goberman - For State Senate 4th District

Kevin Schaumleffle - District 6, Oregon House of Representatives

Don L. McDaniel - Astoria Port Commisioner