One Sentence Wisdom

Copyright 2005, 2007 by Edwin J. Pole II

This is a compilation of one sentence long, original sayings. My friends and family may recognize these, to their long-suffering dismay. I have included a small explanatory note where I think necessary.

About Politics

"Any war that requires the draft is not worth fighting;  any state that requires the draft is not worth fighting for. "

"You are not given freedom. It is taken from you." - I saw this on a bumper sticker. "You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists" - Abbie Hoffman. The above came quickly to mind.

"It's 'Anti-social In-security' and there ain't no 'fund.'"

About Life

"There's only one thing worse than growing old; not growing old." - The choice is binary, folks.

"One nice thing about growing old is; Old broads start to look good (and the young ones still do)."

"It's amazing how much my parents learned when I went to college and how much smarter they became when I started working."

"Work is a four-letter word ending in 'k'." - I "work" all day long. I've been "worked" to death.

"That's why they call it 'work'; if it were fun they'd call it Disneyland and you'd have to pay them."

"Tolerance is not approval." - Just because one tolerates certain behavior does not mean one approves of it. Think about gambling, whoring, homosexuality, theism, astrology, crystals, politicians (oh, I already said "whoring"), improper use of language, and so forth.

"You give a whore your money and she let's you screw her; A politician steals your money and screws you." - So who's the one to be admired?

"Reality is like a television with one channel, no volume control, too many commercials, and the off button only works once." - Inspired by "Over The Hedge", 05/27/05

"If you insist that others care whether you live or die… They are likely to prefer the latter." - Here's the pretty version.

"You can dress a sow in a tutu but that doesn't make it a ballerina." - The pretty version.

"Eat 'em while they're young and their bones are soft!" - Advice to new fathers.

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